The Sciencer has developed a methodology that supports the development and innovation capacity of a business. We offer you a solution on how to increase efficacy in your company to generate a higher profit.

Sciencer is dedicated to support companies and individuals in their development by connecting all the players of the innovation ecosystem, from universities, through venture capitals, to corporations. We believe that innovation is for everyone. 

We created Sciencer to bring something unique and innovative to the rapidly evolving entrepreneurial culture. 

Vivien Dobos

"I took the leading wheel of Sciencer, after working over 10+ years in numerous SME and Startup projects across Europe. Sciencer gives me the perfect instrument to drive the business success for your company."

Gergely Romhány

“As someone who runs a start-up himself as CEO, and is a member of a “traditional” one, I see how all these firms would benefit from this platform. It’s time to bring the firms and ‘young guns’ into a common field to see the advantages of the cooperation.”

Klára Katona-Dobos

“I used to advise start-ups often and during these years I saw those pain-points, of which they could get rid off  . I am sure, that Sciencer is one of the best solutions to do this.”

Eszter Galambos
Projekt Manager

"In the past years I supported numerous American startups as project-, and marketing campaign manager. The startup scene is an ever-changing, exciting field and Sciencer is no exception."

László Csiki
Projekt Manager

"With many years as a senior venture-capital investor, László brings deep insights and knowledge of the financial and business market."

Álmos Mikesy

“I’ve been working for Hiventures, one of the most active European early-stage investor for over 3 years now, so as one who sees things from the investors’ side, I really think Sciencer is something that this ecosystem needs.”

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